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A Centre Dedicated to Research leading to Action

The CReNIEO was established in the year 1979, as a study, research, about-imgtraining and action oriented organisation. Dr. K. Rajaratnam (1921-2010) an eminent Economist and a visionary was the Founder-Director of CReNIEO. The Centre has been engaged in action research and developing and implementing rural development models beginning at the community level with a view to handle the fundamental factors of rural poverty. CReNIEO believes that the Gandhian model of development could ideally be the tool to ensure the quality of life in India for the rural masses especially the schedule tribes , schedule casts and backward communities.

CReNIEO is recognised by the University Grants Commission as a Research Centre. The Centre is affiliated to the University of Madras for M.Phil. in Economics and Ph.D. studies in Economics , History, Sociology and Education. The Centre is also affiliated to Bharathidasan University for Ph.D. studies in Economics. The Centre introduced in 1989 in the M.Phil course the novel subject of Environmental Economics perhaps for the first time in India.

The Centre is engaged in direct development interventions in the tribal villages around Yercaud, and in the fisherfolk and coastal communities in Pulicat in Thiruvallur district. The Centre implements many programmes sponsored by the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India and State government departments.

The broad objective of CReNIEO for 30 years has been to conduct socially relevant action research, applying research and study towards training of young leadership and implementation of development projects for the underprivileged communities in rural India, promoting education as well as protection of the environment and biodiversity restoration programmes.

Rationale for Research

In pursuit of this ideology CReNIEO is committed to a research programme with the following objectives:

  • To take up socially relevant research
  • To follow – up research with direct social action programmes
  • To train young men and women in research and action and orient their research to development concerns, especially of the poor in India

The study of development problems involves an interdisciplinary, socio – economic, political, cultural and technological approach.

CReNIEO’s Involvement in Pulicat since 1984:
CReNIEO initiated a cyclone relief programme in 1984 after which a large scale socio economic study was undertaken in 1987. Such a study highlighted the various factors that lead to the marginalization of the Fisherfolk and the coastal community. Based on the recommendations of the study a development intervention was planned and a development project was formed. CReNIEO trained young people in employable skills such as driving, outboard motor engine repairs, tailoring, electrical repairs, computer operator and establishing women’ self-help groups to access credit from the banks.

One of the interventions was the formation of the Pulicat National Matriculation School with the objective of providing quality formal English medium education for first generation learners.

CReNIEO Mission Statement

The Centre for Research on New International Economic Order (CReNIEO) is committed to the total development of the socially and economically weaker sections of the Indian Society -with focus on women and children of the Fisherfolk, Dalit and Tribal communities. CReNIEO’s development plans include promoting better health, formal education, skills for natural resource management and entrepreneurial skills for economic self-reliance and at the same time ensuring permanence of social change by capacity building and motivating the poor for upholding their rights in the society. Community action for social change is the key tool in the armory of development methodology. Gender equity and Environmental care is the umbrella for sustained development of people around the lakes as well as in the forests who are the target groups of CReNIEO’s schemes of development.

CReNIEO is a registered society under the Tamil Nadu Societies Registration Act 1973, (No.233 of 22.8.1985)

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