CReNIEO – Pulicat National Matriculation School –Established on 1st July 1988.

The Pulicat Lake is the second largest lake in India. Pulicate was a thriving Dutch settlement in 16th Century. The lake is well known for its crabs and shrimp which are largely exported. About 30,000 fishermen families depend on the lake for their livelihood.

The Pulicat Lake has a water spread area of 460 sq. km. and is the second largest brackish Lake in India. At its southern end, it opens into the Bay of Bengal, through a narrow bar mouth, about three kilometers from our Pulicat Centre. The Buckingham Canal runs through the lake. CReNIEO has been involved in development activities at Pulicat since 1984 soon after a cyclone.

In mid-80’ the fisher folk realized the importance of their children education and they had expressed their define during a socio economic survey and approached CReNIEO’s founder director, Dr. K. Rajaratnam to provide quality English medium school education for their children. School education will give the younger generation opportunities for higher education and for taking up new vocations thus easing the strain on the lake and making a balance between resource availability and extraction. Therefore CReNIEO opened this school named Pulicat National Matriculation School in 1988 and since then many other schools have also started in the .

The children who have completed schooling have gone to colleges and have a degree. They have taken up jobs, as technicians, engineers, teachers, nurses, entrepreneurs, accountants etc. One boy from Pulicat has enrolled for Ph. D. studies in marine biology. CReNIEO trained young people in employable skills such as driving, outboard motor engine repairs, tailoring, electrical repairs, computer operator and establishing women’ self-help groups to access credit from the banks.

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